About Urtasmidjan

Traditions and modern knowledge

Urtasmiðjan is an Icelandic company that produces skin products from wild Icelandic herbs. The production is based on old traditions in the use of medicinal herbs, as well as modern knowledge and research on the health and health-promoting effects of the herbs. Urtasmidjan is located in Eyjafjordur, North Iceland, and is owned by Bylgja Sveinbjorndsdottir.

Unpolluted Icelandic nature

In Iceland, the plants grow in their natural environment, in clean climates and unpolluted soil. In the Icelandic climate, the plants grow much slower than where it is warmer and research has shown that they contain much more active ingredients. Icelandic herbs are therefore particularly powerful and have a unique position in terms of quality. The herbs are hand-picked at a time when their activity and power are at their highest. Every herb is treated with care and precision, so that its properties are as useful as possible.

Pure natural product

Urtasmiðjan's goal from the beginning is to produce pure natural products. The mainstay of production is wild herbs from Icelandic nature and organically grown herbs, Icelandic mountain water, natural raw materials, e.g. preservatives, antioxidants and sunscreens, which promote the health and hygiene of the product. A precise blend of selected herbal power, essential oils are selected for each type of production to increase the effectiveness of the herbs. No chemical fragrances or colorants are used in the production.a.

In all its product lines, Urtasmiðjan uses polyunsaturated vegetable oils that contain Omega3 and Omega6 fatty acids, but they contain vitamins and other nutrients that are necessary and important for the skin to stimulate the renewal of skin cells. The oils are non-greasy, penetrate quickly and easily into the skin, protect, soften and nourish and give it softness and elasticity, improve slow circulation and delay its premature aging. The oils are suitable for all skin types. To prevent development, natural vitamin E is added to the oils.

Heals, softens, nourishes

Urtasmiðjan has specialized in producing creams, fertilizers and oils for topical use from healing herbs, which are known for their effectiveness in various skin problems and are recognized for their health and wholesome health benefits.