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Here are some stories from Urtasmiðjan's customers. The products are available inthe online store, here on our website and atvarious retailers throughout the country.

The Balsamic Oil for dryness, burning and itching of the skin

Hello you Gígja Kj. Hmmm, thank you very muchThe Balsamic Oil yours. I had been badly held by burns under my hands and in my groin. I had sought solutions in many places for ten years from both doctors and others, but nothing worked. But your oil changed everything for the better..

Best wishes
Pétur Einarsson

Our healing balm is for both people and animals

_MG_5783I would like to share my experience ofThe healing balm from Urtasmiðjan. So I have a 3 year old dwarf schnauzer male who got sick last May. then got a bad infection in the ears and eyes. I took him to the vet and in short everything was tried. Antibiotics, steroids, eye ointments, ear drops over and over again. This is how it went for about two months. The dog had become so that he could not stand any light and felt very bad. The tear ducts in the eyes became blocked and an attempt was made to open them, but due to severe inflammation it was not possible. After two months of struggling with this, there was really nothing in the situation with the dog's quality of life in mind but to put him to sleep. Then Gígja contacted me and invited me to try Græðismyrslið, I accepted it with thanks because we wanted to do everything to improve the dog's life and avoid letting him sleep. I used Græðismyrslið in his eyes twice a day and also put it in his ears and nostrils. It was as if a miracle had happened because after 3 days we saw a big difference, he had started to run around and we saw signs that the tear duct was opening. After using Græðismyrslið for a week, all the inflammation was gone, the dog has recovered and has not had anything since this was at the end of last June. Today the dog is flourishing and does not have any illnesses and I have not used Græðismyrslið since. I am infinitely grateful to Gígja for pointing me to Græðismyrslið because without it I would not have this wonderful dog today. Of course, I always have Græðismyrslið because I actually use it for everything. Best thanks to us dearra

Gígja, Rakel Bragadóttir and Neró

I thank Græðismyrsli for this

I would like to start by thanking you diligent woman for the best Icelandic natural products that I have used most with good results. EspeciallyThe healing balm which did my little grandma so good when she at the age of two got boiling boiling water over her and got a 3 degree burn on her chest and arm. Soon Græðismyrslið was applied to it and today only a small scar can be seen after the biggest burn on the arm, it is red-haired and has a very light skin color and there are no color changes on the skin. I thank Græðismyrsli for this.The rose cream andThe morning cream I love and have used a lot, so wonderful and nourishing and all the other creams and oils too. I have always been sensitive to the smell of creams and sometimes stopped using them after a short use, but all products from Urtasmiðjan Sóla are finished.
Thank you so much for me for 20 years.

Áslaug Þórarinn

The healing balm, the skin nourishment and the rose cream

I've been writing about the creams I bought from you for a long time. I have usedThe healing balm on dry skin with very good results. My favorite cream isThe skin nourishment I always have one tube of it. It works well on lips and all back wounds. It also works well on dry spots on the skin. I had bad dry spots on my elbows but they are long gone now. I'm like a walking commercial with this cream and am always allowing people to try it. This is a wonder cream. The relaxing oil is also very good for massage. Like I useThe rose cream much like a moisturizer, I like how quickly it penetrates the skin and you can feel how it nourishes the skin well. I am very happy with all the products I have tried from you and I congratulate you on this initiative and thank you very much for me.

Hildur Halldóra

Fjallagrasakrem in Víkurprjón

I was on a trip to Vík í Mýrdal some time ago and had forgotten my day cream, except that I go to Víkurprjón to buy socks and come across this also wonderful day cream,Fjallagrasakrem, from you, as I have very dry skin and eczema, this is the best I've had, hooray for you.
P.S. Forgot to buy the socks.

Jórunn Guðmundsóttir

Silk face oil

So I've been having a lot of trouble with the skin on my face and chest. The skin is very often red-spotted and very dry, flaking and forming a red round wound. I'm usually worse in the winter. I have tried all possible cosmetics, masks, creams, oils, udder ointments, breast creams, olive oils, herbal creams, changed my diet, changed my detergent, but nothing improved completely, sometimes I am fine for a few days but this is many weeks to heal.
About half a month ago I was dating my friend and I was so bad, so bad I was going downhill that she offered to lend me thisSilk face oilfrom you and the wounds healed in 2 days.
I have never had anything like this, and I now use this oil every day, completely ecstatic.
Thank you very much for me, this has changed everything, it's so hard to have to look like that, all in wounds and flaking on the front.
Best regards and best of luck to you.
P.S. I also used the Women's Triangle a few years ago when I was suffering from a chronic fungal infection and I really liked it.


The healing balm on the burns

I was boiling and then accidentally wanted to lose the red-hot iron on my hands and I got bad burns, especially in the other palm where the skin burned off and large wounds formed.
I carriedThe healing balm from Urtasmiðjan on the wounds twice a day and immediately on the 2nd day I saw a difference for the better. It cried day after day and after 2 weeks it was mostly healed. After three weeks, the largest wound was also completely healed and all the wounds had new skin.

Stefán Júlíusson


It is difficult to be a middle-aged woman with oily skin, the dryness that increases with age and also with allergies to most face creams on the market.
WithFjallagrasakreminufrom Urtasmiðjan, I have finally received a face cream that is natural, gives enough moisture but not too much fat and evokes well-being in the skin, both nights and days, summer and winter.
Thanks for me.

Anna Margrét

The Healing Balm heals

I needed surgery and got an infection in the incision that needed to be made, but I could not stand the patch and got a wound from it. I also burned after radiation therapy. I was given fertilizer but he did not help heal the wounds.
My friend let me have a herbal fertilizer she had known and namedHealing balm, produced in Urtasmiðjan. After using Græðismyrslið for 2-3 days, the burn and the wound healed.
My friend's husband used the ointment on a bad burn and it healed after a few days.
Now I have bought Græðismyrslið to own if something comes up that needs to be healed.


The healing balm

For approx. two years ago I boughtThe healing balm at Gígja in Urtasmiðjan to use on the teats of cows in case the herbs could speed up their recovery. The healing balm turned out very well. What it has over other fertilizers is that it keeps the scab softer and elastic than other ointments I have tried. This results in less micro-formation and the cow does not feel as much in the wound, becomes calmer in the spleen and sells better, which reduces the risk of mastitis which often wants to be a complication of teat ulcers.
We have applied the ointment twice a day during milking until the wound is completely healed. The ointment is plentiful and in tubes that are extremely convenient in this environment.

Sif Jónsdóttir

Everything for the skin

I have long since stopped using anything else on my skin than the products from Urtasmiðjan, as they have proven to be better for me than all other cosmetics. I appreciate that the products are natural, produced from herbs from Icelandic nature and spring water, in addition to which natural preservatives are used.The morning cream has always been a special favorite of mine, it keeps my skin moist and good all day long. Foot fertilizer is also absolutely essential, both in the evening and in the morning.
I have just started using the Massage Cream / Sprontkremir after playtime. It's a good feeling to feel the excitement of the body and the scent of the herbs playing around the lighthouse.
I also highly recommendMuscle oil / rheumatism oil for those who experience burning, stiffness or pain in the shoulder muscles. Great to wear before bed. Better a poor horse than no horse at all.

Rannveig Traustadóttir

Good for teens

As I am 17 years old, it can be expected that I have had some problems with my skin, as is common with the average teenager. I do not even remember how many different types of creams and all kinds of skin products I have tried, but the search certainly ended when I got to know the products from Urtasmiðjan.
Fjallagrasakremið has worked really well for me, but it softens the facial skin and frees me from the dry areas. I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for this valuable help in keeping your skin healthy and beautiful.

Margrét Einarsdóttir


I got a hemorrhoids which was a pretty bad case. Then I met this wonderful woman Gígja from Urtasmiðjan where she was promoting Urtasmiðjan's products. I boughtThe healing balm and thought I did not accuse of trying before I go to any surgery in the hospital. I used the ointment 2-3 times a day and after half a month the knot was gone. Last January I got another hemorrhoids knot again and used them again in the same way Græðismyrslið góði and the knot was gone after 10 days. I was convinced that this ointment is absolutely great and then also in other cases.


The three women

I want to tell you my story of the Three Women. The thing is, about 10 years ago, I was so eager to get a fungal infection down and the creams from the pharmacies stopped working. Then I was pointed out to you and bought me three women. I followed the instructions carefully and have been free of this problem for 10 years now. So it's clear that the three women's work for 10 years. Thanks for the good and fast service.u.

Westman Islands

Good for allergies

For many years I have been looking for a cream that works well on my hands, I have a nickel allergy, and because of my work I handle a lot of nickel money in it every day. I've been in trouble for years because of cracks that always formed on my fingertips and never intended to close. I have been diligent in trying all possible and impossible creams over the years and nothing has worked.ð.
Then Blómaval here in Keflavík started selling these skin products from you and out of slavery I triedThe skin nourishment and the next day the wounds on my fingertips were closed. Now it is enough to apply this to me when I feel that the skin is drying before, nothing was enough to stop this.).
So there's another story, we have started using this in the mouths of horses on reins and the results are great and this cream will continue to be used in my stable. I do not know what this has in excess of other healing substances I have used, but something is.
Just wanted to tell you about this.

Þórdís Þorvaldsdóttir

Skin Nourishment / Eye Cream

I would like to tell you about the ointment from Urtasmiðjan calledSkin nutrition / vitamin creamand has helped me with cold sores that I have trouble getting. Most recently, I got an unusually bad cold both on the outside and inside of my lip. I got a fertilizer from the pharmacy that did not work on this and it occurred to me to try the Skin Nutrition. I used it 2 times a day and the cold started to subside immediately and the wound closed in 2 days and after 4-5 days it was completely gone. This is the best frosting I have ever tried.
I have also used Skin Nutrition as an outdoor cream on my lips because I tend to dry my lips in the open air. The effect lasts much longer than when I use another lip balm and I no longer feel dry lip balm.


Healing Balm for eczema

The healing balm is a great cream. My daughter has bad pediatric eczema and has it to get an infection in it. Except that I met Græðismyrslin at an outdoor market in Blönduós and decided to try it on the girl. And know men and women the cream works great. We have tried several brands that are all supposed to be the main cream but nothing works and if my girl is very bad then she wants to burn a lot from some of these creams and even get a fever. But from your healing balm, none of this is present and there is a difference almost immediately. In fact, there is a bit of a strong smell of the cream that is felt by the girl for a long time because it needs so much to apply to it and that is the only disadvantage that can be found with this otherwise great cream.


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