Mother- and Child Balm  50 ml.

Mother- and Child Balm 50 ml.

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For mothers to be and lactating mothers. Softens and strengthens the nipples and prepares them for breast feeding when used in the last weeks of pregnancy. Very healing for sore and cracked nipples when breast feeding and soothes irritation and stings. Use before and in between breast feeding. The salve is completely harmless if ingested by the baby.

The mother & baby balm is mild and good for diaper rashes. Keeps irritation away from the skin in the diaper area and prevents redness and diaper rash. Soothes stinging and itchiness.

The balm is also very healing for sores, redness and dry skin, for example skin irritation from saliva during teething. Also works wonders as an outdoors cream, protecting the baby’s skin from the cold.